Friday, February 12, 2010

Chopin at the Père Lachaise

If you are also a visitor to Virginia's Paris Through my Lens blog, you may have noticed that we often share the same places and as I liked a lot her yesterday pictures of the Père Lachaise cemetery it inspired me for today's post. Here is a this picture of Chopin's grave in that cemetery which is only 10 minutes walk from my apartment. It is also a way of celebrating Chopin's 200 birthday and if you like Chopin I advise a great French pianist Alexandre Tharaud and his record "Chopin - Journal Intime" (click on link to listen).


Harriet said...

J'adore la musique de M. Chopin. I play the piano and I am currently working on some Chopin pieces.

I love the angle of your photo. Much bettert than the photo I took when I was there.

You and Virginia certainly know how to 'create wonderful photos!"

Anonymous said...
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Virginia said...

Oh Laurent, what you don't know is that I work for pianist Michael Dulin. He has been after me for many trips to see Pere Lachaise. Well I finally did as you know, but now he is miffed because I have NO composer's graves to show for it. I will send him right here to your blog. You will make the Maestro very very happy!

PS Thanks for the mention. I'm very flattered.