Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Au revoir

I've been back from sunny Corsica for two weeks now and I must say that I have been very touched by your comments on my last post.
I really liked holding this blog and sharing with you but even after a very nice vacation time I still want to have a break and start to enjoy my city without always thinking "pictures". For the past years I nearly couldn't get out without my camera and I was always thinking about what I could share with you. I think I need to breathe a little and maybe come back on a not daily basis and maybe share more of life and not only photos.
I would of course love to stay in touch with the people I already met ( Virginia and Genie I wait for your next visit !) and if some of you want to talk by email I would love that. You can write me to "dailyphotoparis@gmail.com". If you come to visit Paris and need information or eventually meet for a drink in a "café" I would love it.
Au revoir