Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eglise Saint Germain de Charonne

I already talked about this church in a previous post but I did not publish any picture of it yet. When looking at this little charming church possessing its cemetery around it (in the back) you feel like you are in a small town out of Paris, but you are in the 20th arrondissement.


Amanda said...

You are right it seems that the church and the street leading to it, is in a small village. I have to say that I know the South, West and center of Paris well but I don't know the North and East side at all.

Harriet said...

C'est très tranquille et charmant et le ciel trop bleu!

Virginia said...

I thought I'd seen every church in Paris Laurent! :)
Maybe I can pay this one a visit next time.

Thank you again for your really kind remarks about my Paris blog. You know how sincere I am about the city I love and the people that continue to make Paris a special place in my heart.