Monday, February 8, 2010

Rugby in the City

Every week-ends you can see people playing rugby or football (soccer for my American friends) on the "Esplanade des Invalides" which is a large green avenue leading from the Invalides to the Seine river. The contrast with Grand Palais and its gorgeous glass roof  standing in the background is nice and I like this idea of a  city that lives and that is not a "museum city".


Starman said...

There has always been too much life in Paris for it to be a "museum city".

Harriet said...

I am so excited that the Turner exhibit will be at Le Grand Palais in April when I'm going to be there.

Virginia may just have to make a quick trip herself to join me for this opportunity to go inside this wonderful building.

I went inside Le Petit Palais on my last visit and really enjoyed that.

Great photo!

Virginia said...

I have my petite valise out and I'm packing NOW!! :)
The Turner exhibit, if it's the one that I saw in D.C. about 2 years ago, is FABULOUS. I would love to see it in the Grand Palais, a place I STILL have not seen on the inside.

I love the POV of this photo. Yes, Paris is a very vibrant city. I had the good fortune to photograph some fun loving little boys one day at the Palais Royal. There they were playing a pick up game of soccer right by the Pol Bury fountains. Amazing. Oh, and Invalides is still on my TO DO list as well!

Bill said...

You're right about Paris. We've been to Paris a few times and love it too. It is such a vibrant place. This park looks perfect to play football. Come on, passe-moi le ballon.