Wednesday, March 17, 2010

At night at the theater in the Quartier Chic

I went to the Theater last night to see a play by Jean Anouilh called "Colombe". It was great and to join the place I walked down the Avenue Montaigne which goes from the Champs Elysées to the Seine and it is THE place for Haute couture, fancy restaurants and expensive hotels. This is an area I rarely go to and I enjoyed it. It was like another world if you compare to my home area ! Down the avenue was the theater and while waiting to enter we could see the Eiffel Tower not far away. Yes I like Paris !


Amanda said...

Avenue Montaigne always makes me dream (with boulevard Saint Honore). It is a very nice area of Paris.

Starman said...

It's nice to go there now and then to see what might have been.

Virginia said...

Oh I like this street as well. I strolled it last July. Sigh!
I'm listening to Françoise Hardy while I'm reading your great blog! :)