Wednesday, October 13, 2010

General strike

Yesterday was another national general strike day to protest against the Government's project concerning Retirement laws.Demonstrators have lots of ideas for posters like this one based on l'Oreal advertising slogan "Parce que je le vaut bien" (because I'm worth it) and transformed with Skarkozy and his minister photos with a "Dehors - Parce qu'ils ne valent rien" which means "Out - because they worth nothing ".
Strike is still going on today in public transportations and oil refineries. We do not know if it's going to end or be bigger ... but hey, would it be France, or even southern Europe without big strikes !


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Merci, Laurent, for the first-hand reporting on le grève. That poster is priceless and your explanation helped -- very creative.

(I linked to your recent post on Le Printemps today)

cieldequimper said...

Ahrgggh. Vivement ma retraite (dans très exactement 24 ans 1/2). ca ne fait jamais que 18 ans que je travaille. En 2035, j'aurai plein de sous tous les mois grâce aux manifestants d'aujourd'hui, surtout les collégiens. Je ne sais pas trop dans quel état sera la sécu (on ne sait jamais, peut-être que la définition de la pénibilité inclura d'ici là le burn out) mais au moins, je pourrai m'offrir des voyages, une belle voiture, prendre des cours d'histoire de l'art et de golf avec tout cet argent mensuel.
Moi ? Ironique ? Penses-tu.

Anonymous said...

Wishing that everything will remain calm and peaceful, as such strikes are way too good known over here; with next one said to be on October 21st ...

Please have a good Thursday.

daily athens

Starman said...

One wonders what these strikers will do when the retirement money runs out?