Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Au revoir

I've been back from sunny Corsica for two weeks now and I must say that I have been very touched by your comments on my last post.
I really liked holding this blog and sharing with you but even after a very nice vacation time I still want to have a break and start to enjoy my city without always thinking "pictures". For the past years I nearly couldn't get out without my camera and I was always thinking about what I could share with you. I think I need to breathe a little and maybe come back on a not daily basis and maybe share more of life and not only photos.
I would of course love to stay in touch with the people I already met ( Virginia and Genie I wait for your next visit !) and if some of you want to talk by email I would love that. You can write me to "dailyphotoparis@gmail.com". If you come to visit Paris and need information or eventually meet for a drink in a "café" I would love it.
Au revoir


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Laurent, you have been on my mind in the past few days and it is good to see you here again. I respect your decision and know that your admiring public will be glad to enjoy your fabulous photos from time to time. The pressure of a daily photo can be stressful.

Big hugs, Laurent, and I look forward to seeing you again in Paris.

À bientôt, mon cher ami!

Harriet said...

Dear Laurent,
You have given us so many nice photos to enjoy - thanks! I, for one, would look forward to future postings, even if on a more limited basis. But for now, just enjoy Paris!

I am sorry that it didn't work out for us to meet when I was there in April 2010; perhaps on my next trip, whenever that may be.

You are a truly great photographer.


Amanda said...

Laurent, I have been missing you so much. I don't know you but I think of you as a friend and hope you will come back once in a while.
I know it is hard to post everyday but once a week, twice a week would be so wonderful. Enjoy your "breather" and come back to us. Please!!!!

Virginia said...

My dear Laurent, I hope we can stay in touch. I count you as one of the dear bloggers I've had the good fortune to meet while in Pais. Of course we will meet again soon. Get that camera back out for it! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Laurent
I did miss my daily fix of your wonderful pictures. Maybe just posting one a week would take the pressure off a little.

Anonymous said...

Dear Laurent,

Thanks for the pix. We have enjoyed
your photos since we found your site 6 months ago.
Best Wishes,

Mark & Emma

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos and a slice of Parisian life.


Cat said...

I only found you a little while ago, but I have always wanted to visit Paris, a life long wish, but my life never turned out the way I dreamed it would be, but thanks to you I saw Paris everyday and although I will never be able to visit I will always have your photos to make me smile and imagine I am there

Witness said...

I found your blog the day you decided to shut it!But I have enjoyed going through it immensely. It's welcome break but maybe you could back time to time to surprise with something beautiful you chance upon:)

Thirtytwo degrees said...

Au revoir, Laurent! You deserve to treat yourself well. I am going to attempt to send you a note at your email just to get your address in my contact list. That way, should I find my way to Paris and think we could meet, I will be able to write to you...Bonne chance!

Dawne Boynton Polis said...

Laurent, I've only been following you for a short time, but I really love this blog, and think you do a marvelous job with the photos. I hope after you've had a breather, that you come back twice or thrice weekly and give us our little Paris fix. And perhaps you will let us buy you a wine when we are in Paris in November!:)
Au revoir and all the best to you.

Lucas Kain said...

:( this is a sad day for us. And a new life for you! ^^ Good luck and enjoy the time!

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Cathy said...

Good Luck and much happiness, take some time for you and try to stay stress free. We appreciated your kindness and time showing us your beautiful city and we are happy to have shared Paris through your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Laurent,
I have enjoyed your photos immensely! I appreciate your careful attention to every detail that makes up a really great photo. Thanks for enriching my life.


Laura James said...

I will be traveling to Paris September 19th and staying for 9 days. I am also an amateur photographer from Ohio in the US. Any pointers on where to go and best times of day, would be fantastic. You can check out my work at www.lightwriterimages.com under Laura's Gallery. Mostly have mornings available for shooting. Thanks in advance for any information
Laura James

krzykla said...

Ca fait un siecle que je n'ai pas ete a Paris et Vos photos me font trembler le coeur et la memoire. Allez profitez de cette ville magnifique et laissez de cote l'appareil photo :)
Cordialement de Varsovie - tres belle ville aussi :)

Oakland Daily Photo said...

I've enjoyed your photos and comments. I'm sorry to hear you're hanging up the blog, but we all need a change now and then. Best of luck going forth.

Jeannie said...

Miss Miss you and those wonderful photos of Paris
I visited there in 08,09 and 2010
Take some time and then try and come back to us!
You are really missed.
Paris dreamer

Harriet said...

The months are rolling by. Hope that all is going well for you. Still miss your photos.

travel bloger said...

I dream to go to Paris
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