Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cirque d'hiver

The "Cirque d'hiver" (Winter Circus) located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris was built in 1852. It hosts real circus shows and sometimes other shows. 


Jill said...

What a beautiful structure. I am very impressed with the detail painting and how well it has been maintained. You captured it very nicely.

B SQUARED said...

The beauty and detail is stunning.

Virginia said...

Never heard of this. We will arrive the last week in May and stay in Paris 3 weeks. My grandchildren would love this. I will check the link you provided. This is beautiful with the shadows on the facade.

Virginia said...

Ahhh, Winter Circus!! I should have realized. From what I could gather, March is the last performances?? Any hope for something to see in May?

[G@ttoGiallo] said...

Hi Laurent,
Pleased they all like Paris XI, my fief !