Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mariage Frères

Mariage Frères is a company selling tea since 1854. Their oldest shop is located rue du Bourg Tibourg in the Marais in a very old house. You can find the most perfect teas there and they have a little pocket museum upstairs (where this picture is taken) telling the Company history. My favorite Mariage Frères tea is "Pleine Lune".


Harriet said...

What a nice post to go with my morning cup of tea. Bon weekend, Laurent.

James said...

My wife will love this. Whenever we travel she looks for places like this. Thanks for the tip.

Virginia said...

I am pretty sure I was there in Nov. We didn't go upstairs but will remember that .

Diane said...

I have never been there but my sister-in-law brings me the Metis each time she goes to Paris.
Diane - Carmel Valley, CA