Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Le Panthéon

This huge building named "Le Pantheon" was originally built as a church. It was turned into an edifice devoted to the memory of famous men , on the occasion of Victor Hugo's funeral in 1885 (see the writtings "Aux grands hommes, la Patrie reconnaissante" meaning "To the Great men, the thankfull nation"). More than 70 "Great men" are buried there like Marie and Pierre Curie, Louis Braille, Émile Zola ...
The building is located on top of the "Sainte Geneviève Mountain" in the center of the Latin quarter an historical and very nice part of Paris.


Virginia said...

Peter and I strolled around the Pantheon after dinner last Friday night. It is indeed impressive. I'd like to go inside and have a look!

Wayne said...

On one visit to Paris I stayed close by in an hotel right opposite La Sorbonne. When I say opposite I mean you could almost reach out and touch it, the road was quite narrow.

I think it was called Hotel de la Sorbonne.

Leif Hagen said...

Salut Laurent! Great photo with the iron detail fence in front, French flags and Greco temple! Bravo! Merci bien! Bonjour d'EAGAN daily photo

Rajesh said...

Very beautiful architecture and fabulous carvings. It is nice to know bit of history.

Harriet said...

Hi Laurent,

This is the small area of Paris that I know best, and I love all photos of the area. The angle of this photo gives a great perspective of this huge building.

My trip to Paris had to be canceled, but I hope to reschedule for a later date. If you talk to Virginia, she knows the details.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy Paris through all the wonderful photos that you photographers share with the rest of the world.