Monday, June 22, 2009

Real Fête de la Musique pictures

As StyleSpy noticed in comment of yesterday's post, the clothes were not very "summer" clothes. Indeed the picture was not taken on sunday during the Fête de la Musique but I took this picture of these musicians often playing at the Palais Royal subway station to ilustrate the Fête de la Musique to which I was going to participate all day.
So today I decided to break the CDP rule of one picture a day and show you how diverse the Fête de la musique can be in Paris.

Need a taxi back home ?


Harriet said...

Seeing your many different photo clips of the musicians and all the people helps me to "feel" the energy of the day.

I also recall that I had my hotel windows open and music played into the wee hours that year I was there for this festival...

Thanks for "breaking the rule" to help us experience this great fête.

henny said...

Extremely breaking the rules with ten pictures :). I can only imagine it must have been so fun just looking through your photos. Unfortunately we don't have Fête de la Musique in my country.

Meri said...

What a great way to break the rules! The rules are overruled for this post.

Virginia said...

Go right ahead and break the rules! Talk about poor planning. We left that day and missed all the fun. Great shots Laurent.

akarui said...

Tres belle serie sur la fete de la musique a Paris. Mes preferees sont la 1ere et la derniere.
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