Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

36° in Paris yestersay and still 24° this early morning ... the hot is the only subject among parisian these days. We are really not used to such warm days but as far as I am concerned I like it.
I pictured this thermometer on a building front in Le Marais and thought it would illustrate what we are living these days.


B SQUARED said...

What better reason to shut down the country. It seems to be hot everywhere this year.

Harriet said...

Love that grand old thermometer! Something to look for on my next trip. La rue?

Oui, il fait aussi très chaud à Charleston, Caroline du Sud.

Barb said...

Love the photo,the thermometer must be quite large....Barb

Virginia said...

Trés chaud á Birmingham aussi! I have to look long and hard to find something about Paris I don't love but you nailed it today.........trés chaud and NO A/C! For this southerner it was difficle! ( Thanks for letting me practice my "hit and miss" français on your blog. Corrections s'il vous plait.)