Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Paris Plages 4 : Swiming

Last saturday I posted a picture of the floating swiling pool on the Seine, here is another pool along the river but this one is temporary for the Paris Plages event.


Virginia said...

Darn I missed most of this . I got the blue cabanas and umbrellas Sunday night but never saw the pools or the sand. Right now I'm a prisoner at CDG. I'm standby and it looks like I'll be standing by for quite a while. I"ll be posting some airport shots shortly. Well I have to have something to do with my time! Thanks for the link to my blog. I loved the petanque players. Also will be posting the chess/card players at LUxembourg soon.

Leif Hagen said...

Awesome capture, Laurent! What fun! Timing is everything. Was that guy next to the railing yelling at your for taking a photo?

Laurent said...

To Virginia : you should have told me you were in CDG ! I work in CDG, we could have met today ! Next time please tell. Have a safe trip back. See you

To Leif Hagen : yes, you're perfectly right for the guy. In fact I missed a little sign saying that pictures of the pool were not allowed ... got one anyway !