Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My new blog

Bir (1520)
No, Paris has not suddendly changed into this fabulous part of Myanmar called Bagan ! Today I break the CDP rule and I do not post a picture of my town because I want to introduce to you my new daily blog : Come Fly With Me.
Since I have the chance to travel during my holidays, which as you all know, we have plenty of in France ! I wanted to share some of my "coups de coeur" photos I took in different parts of the world. I hope you'll enjoy it and of course I will still be posting Paris pictures on this blog !
JM has already found the blog before I even talked about it. He's the winner for the first comments!


tapirgal said...

What an interesting arrangement of temples! Excellent photo.

Amanda said...

I can't wait to see more photos of different parts of the world.

magiceye said...

awesome sight!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Laurent, for the link to my travel blog in your 'Come Fly With Me'! :-)

Virginia said...

What a fabulous photo Laurent. I may one day, find myself with another blog of my travels away from Paris. WHo knows!! In the meantime, I"ll check out this blog as well. THis first photo is so amazing. I"m speechless!

MansTouch said...

That's a wonderful shot. Very nice scenery.
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