Sunday, September 13, 2009

A sunday on the river bank

"Paris Plages" is over but every sundays of the year the roads on the river bank are closed to car traffic and open for pedestians, rollers, bikes ... it's always a great walk or ride even for a longtime Parisian like me. I just love it !
This "no car" event started on the banks and has now spread to 15 quarters in the city and the 2 woods (Boulogne and Vincennes) where during sundays and public holidays streets are closed to traffic. This permanent event is called "Paris Respire" (Paris is breathing), some of you who already visited the city may have noticed the signs in the street.
A list of the places concerned with maps is available on the City Hall website (French only ... sorry).


Virginia said...

Paris is Breathing. I love that. Now you know I'm not about to get on a bike in Paris (or anywhere else) but the thought of no crazy Parisian drivers/traffic is a repite I'd dealy love to enjoy! The traffic there is sccaaaarrrryyyy! Laurent, you keep me in the know!

Amanda said...

What a great idea! With such a wonderful metro to move people about, they should not allow cars inside the city. When I was in France in July, I noticed a lot of people with big bellies. Walking is great, I do it everyday for 2 hours or more when I have time. Then I do hop in my car and get stuck in traffic for 2 hours (LOL).