Friday, October 16, 2009

100th follower

Thanks to "againbeborn"  for being my 100th follower and thanks to the 99th others and also to readers who did not subscribe for letting me share Paris with you.

Special thanks also to my top list comment writters:
B Squared, Barb, cieldequimper, Eiffel Tower Suzy, Fiona, glduro_marieloupe, Harriet, henny, Hilda, Jacob, James, Jill, JM, Karen, Leif Hagen, m_m, magiceye,  Mo, Nadege, Randy, Sharon, StyleSpy, tapirgal, Ursel, Virginia, Vogon Poet and White Oleander
I really appreciate reading your comments even though I am not myself a great "comment" person (but I look at your blogs !)


Amanda said...

Felicitations! I am number 99.

Virginia said...

I don't know what number I am but I certainly enjoy my taste of Paris with you each morning. I wouldn't miss it. You do a really nice job Laurent, and you know I'm very picky about photos of "my" Paris!

Polly said...

Congratulations, Laurent, and thanks for taking time to post about Paris, it has so much to offer and we all see it a little differently!

Copenhagen said...

Merci Laurent. Looking at your photos somewhat takes me to Paris virtually. I hope I can visit your great city one day.

But I need to save up first:p

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Merci Laurent , thank you for sharing Paris with us..and now sometimes even I can say "I have been there" :-)

Unknown said...