Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Through a Louvre window

This view is taken from a window in a room of the Louvre Museum. You can see the Tuileries gardens turning red and in the background the Arc of Triomphe and "La Defense" business quarter.
This "La Defense" quarter is the object of a big controversy in France at the moment since young 23 years old French President' son is going to be elected at the head of the Adgency that manages this district. See NYC Times for more details.


Virginia said...

Well Laurent, you've shown me a view I've never seen. The Arc and La Defense from la Louvre. Love the color or those trees in Tuileries. I love Paris in the fall ( ...and winter......and spring......and summer of course!)

Amanda said...

What are the credentials of "young Sarkozy"? I heard there is a petition with 4,000 signatures to prevent him from getting the job.

Sharon said...

That is quite a view. I'm amazed at the distance you can see from here.
I heard a little about the controversy on the news here yesterday.