Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Diner at the Paris Vincennes Racecourse

Paris has 3 horses racecourses : Vincennes located in the Vincennes (east) wood and Longchamp and Auteuil located in the Boulogne wood (west). Here is the Vincennes racecourse restaurant at night where you can have a quite nice diner and watch the races ... and bet if you want. This is a place I'm sure most of you who visited Paris have never been too, unless you're a hors race fan. In French we call this place " un champ de course" (literally a "race field") and it is very popular to be on horse races.


Virginia said...

You're correct Laurent, I"ve never been here. I'm thinking I probably won't visit but I was interested to note that there are "race fields" in Paris!!

Starman said...

I've bet on a lot of horses that failed to win.