Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Montparnasse cemetery

Montparnasse cemetery is,with the Père Lachaise and the Montmartre cemeteries, one of Paris place to be for famous people when they die. Here is one of the most visited grave in Montparnasse. It's Serge Gainsbourg's, a very famous French singer and writer who died in 1991. I know my blog friend Virginia likes him so here's one of my favorite Gainsbourg song to her and to people who don't know him :


Amanda said...

My favorite song of his is "Melody Nelson".

Virginia said...

Awwww merci dear Laurent! Soon I will be able to translate this song. It's a nice one. Today with my tutor I"m translating "Ne me quitte te pas"!

I missed this grave when I was there a few years ago. We posted graves this week. Imagine that! HA

Starman said...

M. Gainsbourg is one of my favorites also.