Friday, February 4, 2011

Empty pots in Luxembourg garden

and the petite fille en rouge just for my friend Virginia !


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Lovely photo with a glimpse of rouge... I saw more red coats in December than ever before... much more cheerful than the usual black (which I wore)

Bon weekend,

haricot said...

J'y suis allee il y a longtemps,au jardin de Luxembourg. C'etait tres agreable place et c'est une photo est tres aimable, aussi. Du Japon.

Virginia said...

Très belle petite fille en rouge! Merci, chèr Laurent!!!
BTW, où est la tête d'or grande??

Harriet said...

Like that little touch of red in this photo!

Alexa said...

Lovely composition, Laurent—and I thought of Virginia the second I saw that little girl in her red coat! (Your photos this week have been absolutely stunning. That view from the Jeu de Paume—wow!)