Sunday, April 26, 2009

Alexander Calder at Beaubourg

I went to see the Alexander Calder exhibition yesterday at Beaubourg (Georges Pompidou Center Museum). An absolute not to miss beautifull exibition if you're in Paris.
The museum also shows a Kandinsky exhibition which is great too. Sun is gone and has been replaced by rain so it's a good time for cultural activities!


cieldequimper said...

Superbe photo. Après avoir honni Beaubourg, maintenant que je photographie, j'adore ! Du fin fond de ma banlieue je ne savais même pas qu'il y avait une expo Calder. J'adore ses oeuvres, il faut que je me programme ça, ayant déjà vu la merveilleuse expo Kandinsky à Munich l'an passé.

Virginia said...

Good news, my French class comes in handy again. I see the Calder will be there till 20 juin!! Maybe we will get to see it while we're there. Thanks for another great tip!