Monday, April 20, 2009


I discovered this ostrich on the wall yesterday when walking around in the 11th arrondissement (you can see it better if you click on the picture). 
The little "house" on the pavement in the center is a place where they sale newspapers and magazines. We can see an add for "Courrier International" magazine with Barak Obama on the cover. Nice to finally see a magazine saying good things on an American president !
I also like this composition because that's a different Paris than the nice and very elegant Haussman buildings of the west side.


Virginia said...

I love the ostrich but the graffiti is a shame. I'm surprised as conscientious as your city is about appearances of buildings etc. that they don't work harder at removing graffiti. Maybe I"m wrong. Maybe they are working hard to remove it but the vandals are faster !!! I like to see good things about our President in France as well. IT's been a long time coming.

Laurent said...

You're right for the graffitis the city tries to erase them but the "artists" are faster and much more numerous !

Jill said...

I also was going to comment on the profusion of graffiti that seems to be everywhere. We have laws in town that require the property owner to remove it within 48 hours. I would prefer the culprits be required to do so while being dangled upside down by one foot.

However, I do so like the photos you post, whether on or off the 'tourist path'. It's nice to see many sides and areas of Paris.