Friday, April 3, 2009

Walking on Paris

Some of the comments of yesterday post talked about this spot in the Orsay museum where you can walk uppon a Paris model. The picture is not really good but I thought it could show the place to those who did not see it yet. In the museum this place is right in front of the opéra model I posted yesterday.


Dame Nono said...

Je connaissais les bateaux avec un vitrage pour observer le fond marin, mais pas les avions, vraiment Laurent tu ne cesses pas de me surprendre. Bisous, merci de me faire toujours rêver !

Virginia said...

Merci beaucoup mille fois! It is fun to see it again. I was fascinated that there are so many buildings with courtyards in the center. When we go back in June, maybe I'll recognize more landmarks here. And I will check out the Opéra model as well!! Love your blog.

Harriet said...

Laurent, thanks for this post. I have seen both the model for the Opera Garnier and this model of the city, but I failed to show them to my husband when I took him to Paris with me. I will show him this post, and I will be sure that he sees this on our next trip. Merci!

I really enjoy your photo blog!

Jill said...

Am catching up on your great posts. This is a fascinating model, much better than GE!

Unknown said...

Merci, Laurent! I saw this post just today, but its really that that I remember!!

Merci beaucoup!