Saturday, May 16, 2009

Le Palais des Thés

Le Palais des Thés is my second favourite tea shop in Paris, the other one being Mariages Frères. It's also loacated in the Marais area on the rue Vieille du Temple. You can find a lot of different and very good teas there.

If you are in Paris tomorrow or other French cities you can join "Don de la vie, don de soi" march organized by the Laurette Fugain association to fight leukemia. ( also see a friend of Harriet's blog about this march) 


glduro_marieloupe said...

Beautiful, Laurent! I love le Marais! Eh, bien, I love Paris! Ever! Tout entier!!


Kitty said...

I love all of Paris but for whatever reason, the Marais is close to my heart. It seems eclectic and not to stuffy.

This tea shop looks so proper!

henny said...

Do they serve Caramel Peach and Blueberry Raspberry flavored tea? :).

Lynn said...

Thanks, Laurent, for getting out the word for such a worthy cause! It takes so little to donate blood, bone marrow, etc. yet the rewards of (perhaps) saving a life.... are priceless!

Virginia said...

I LOVE the Marais. I didn't see this shop but will look for it in just a week's time!

Laurent said...

@ Henny : I don't know about that tea. Sorry