Thursday, April 7, 2011

Le musée de la poupée

Honestly I've never been inside the Doll (poupée) museum but I like its outside. As you can see it's a calm paved yard and the most surprising is that it's only 50 meters away from the noisy rue Beaubourg. If you want to have a look at their website : Le musée de la poupée


Julie said...

Now this would be something to take my grand-daughter to in a couple of years. During this visit of mine to Paris, I am trying to stay on (and beome familiar with ) the Left Bank in very general, so will give the Doll Museum a miss. However, now that I know where the Musee de la Legion D'Honneur is AND that it is gratis, I will go along to that when the weather gets a bit colder this coming weekend.

Vreni said...

This courtyard looks romantic and very inviting!

biebkriebels said...

This looks like an interesting museum.