Thursday, May 28, 2009

La promenade plantée 1/3

The garden you see below this pedestrian bridge is the Reuilly garden in the 12th arrondissement. This bridge is a part of the walkway called "La Promenade Plantée" which goes across all the 12th arrondissement on 4.5km. It starts from the Bastille Opera house and ends at the Porte de Saint Mandée on the Bois de Vincennes (one of the 2 Paris forest). 
This walk has been created on a former railway which was going from Bastille to the east suburb and stopped being used in 1969. The first part of the walk is on an viaduct on the boulevard Daumesnil where the bottom has been renovated to welcome shops and the top has been planted for pedestrian. I will show pictures of this tomorrow.
It is a very nice walk from Bastille to this garden. From there the walk can also be used by bikes up to the Bois de Vincennes.


Lowell said...

That's wonderful that "they" took an old railway and converted to a walkway.

In many of the states, they have taken old railroad beds and created paved trails for riding, skating, walking, jogging and in the winter, skiing.

Love the way you composed this shot!

Virginia said...

THis is an amazing shot like Jacob said. Maybe we'll see this while we're here.

Mo said...

ah yes a lovely walk way with equally lovely artist shops below

Ursel said...

Seems to be very interesting to walk on this bridge. Great perspective of it in the photo, at first sight it looks like a cone.
To answer your question about Carnaval SF: it's purpose is celebrating cultural diversity and life. There's a wikipedia article explaining the history.

Unknown said...

Great perspective indeed! Where were you to get this shot? :-)

Laurent said...

To JM : I was under the bridge
To Virginia : Even if you don't want to walk the 4.5 km you should at least do the first part on top of the Viaduc starting from Bastille.