Friday, May 29, 2009

La promenade plantée 2/3

Continuing my "Promenade Plantée" serie, here is the street view of the former railway viaduct on the Avenue Daumesnil on top of which lies the "Promenade Plantée".
The viaduc itself is known as "Le Viaduc des Arts". It was built in 1859 and renovated by the city in the 90's. The vaults have been transformed into exhibition halls and shops for professionnals and artists. You can have more informations about the Viaduc des Arts on its website (French & English).


Jane Hards Photography said...

My kind of place. Fabulous street photography.

Anonymous said...

This is really an elegant place to take photographs.

Unknown said...

Viaducts (and aqueducts) allways make great photos like this one!