Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Le Grand Paris

10 proposals from varous architects are presented at the Paris Architecture Museum for the "Grand Paris" project. Paris is indeed a rather small city compared to others like London and the boundaries with what we call the suburb are very strong. For most Parisian, going outside the "periph" (the highway surrounding Paris) is nearly like going abroad! The goal of the "Grand Paris" is to extend the city to the suburb and create a "Greater Paris". I would not introduce this project like Eric did on his Paris blog talking about President Sarkozy since I personally do not think he can lead us to the future but Eric's post in as usual interesting and gives good links for those who want to know more about this "greater Paris".
The exhibition takes place in room that are dedicated to architecture so that's why you can see old and new on the picture.


Harriet said...

What a gorgeous building! Could you give us an address?

PS -- I am coming to Paris in July! Yipppeee!

Virginia said...

Very interesting post Laurent. The building is just beautiful. I'd like to know more about this project. maybe you can tell me!

PS Glad the "heat wave" is over!

Laurent said...

To Harriet : great that you come to France ! I will be in US for my summer vacations in july.

To Virginia : The exhibition takes place at the "Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine" located at the Trocadero. It is one of the museums standing on top of the Trocadero where you have that great view on the Eiffel Tower (you can have a drink at the cafeteria nicely overlooking the place). The exhibition lasts untill november. It's free and all explanations are in French and English. You can also visit the museum which offers architecture masterpieces.
The building website is :
Enjoy you day in Paris !

glduro_marieloupe said...

Great shot, Laurent! This museum is fantastic!

I am not interested in the Grand Paris until now. I ll informe now that you and Eric told us about.


Unknown said...

Amazing balcony! Just gorgeous!

Harriet said...

Laurent, I will arrive on June 24th. My classes will begin on June 29th. I'm waiting to be assigned to a host family.

Where do you vacation in the US?

Laurent said...

California !