Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All about lines

Just for the lines.

(the statue is Sainte Genevieve and it stands on the bridge called "pont de la Tournelle" and the balcony is unfortunately not mine ...)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Paris lovely as always.

Sharon said...

I love it! I'm always looking for lines.

Starman said...

Sadly, the balcon is not mine, either.

Anonymous said...

Nor mine the pleasures of this balcony in "La Ville-Lumière".


MOTHER of memories, mistress of mistresses,
O thou, my pleasure, thou, all my desire,
Thou shalt recall the beauty of caresses,
The charm of evenings by the gentle fire,
Mother of memories, mistress of mistresses!

The eves illumined by the burning coal,
The balcony where veiled rose-vapour clings--
How soft your breast was then, how sweet your soul!
Ah, and we said imperishable things,
Those eves illumined by the burning coal.

Lovely the suns were in those twilights warm,
And space profound, and strong life's pulsing flood,
In bending o'er you, queen of every charm,
I thought I breathed the perfume in your blood.
The suns were beauteous in those twilights warm.

The film of night flowed round and over us,
And my eyes in the dark did your eyes meet;
I drank your breath, ah! sweet and poisonous,
And in my hands fraternal slept your feet--
Night, like a film, flowed round and over us.

I can recall those happy days forgot,
And see, with head bowed on your knees, my past.
Your languid beauties now would move me not
Did not your gentle heart and body cast
The old spell of those happy days forgot.

Can vows and perfumes, kisses infinite,
Be reborn from the gulf we cannot sound;
As rise to heaven suns once again made bright
After being plunged in deep seas and profound?
Ah, vows and perfumes, kisses infinite!
~ Charles Baudelaire

♥ E.T. Suzy ♥ said...

These lines are beautiful in their simplicity

Boomer Pie. said...

You are so lucky to live in beautiful Paris. You've got a new I will be back to soak up the Parisian splendor. Stop by my place for a look at American life.