Monday, May 24, 2010

Trees have grown on the Champs Elysées

Late post today because I wanted to show you what the Champs Elysees looked like for the past 2 days. Since I was spending some time with friends in the countryside not far from Paris I managed to be back in time to be part of the big event that was "Paris Nature Capitale". I will tell you more about it tomorrow and add some pictures too.
By the way it's 9pm and still 27 degres ! We had a fabulous long weekend !


Nedine Says said...

Laurent, I suppose I could just Google this but I thought I would ask a citizen of France why Paris is called "The City of Light". I am enjoying your beautiful photos !

Virginia said...

How amazing. Only in Paris...... as I"ve said over and over!!! Great shot!

Gunn said...

Unique shots. Interesting and nice!