Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Looking up

Looking up when you're on the Place du Chatelet (Chatelet square) you can see this : the square's column and in the background the head of the Tour Saint Jacques.


gogouci said...

These must be very tall being so taller than the treeline. Beautiful architecture.

Claudia said...

Hello Laurent,
I stayed in Paris at Eastern and it was so nice as on your daily fotos.

Every day I have a look at your blog.
Thank you for the impressions.

Claudia from Germany

Harriet said...

So lovely against that blue sky.

Virginia said...

When I am at Chatelet, I'm usually gasping for breath having done the million steps at that Metro stop! :) Thanks for showing this. I'll have to be more observant!

Stefan Jansson said...

I guess you could look at the Tour Saint Jacques and see new more and more details the longer you look!

Jann said...

Looks like a beautiful day~ great shot!