Monday, May 16, 2011

Theme week : canal

This week I am taking you for a visit along the Bassin de la Villette and Canal de l'Ourcq in the 19 th arrondissment, north east of Paris. These 2 canals leads down to the Canal Saint Martin and then to the Seine River. For the past year this area has changed quite a lot being renovated and rebuilt. Today we start with the starting point near Métro Jaurès with the fountain and in the background the Bassin de la Villette which we'll see better tomorrow.
And for once here is a second photo of the place with this sign showing the boats the distances and duration of travel to go to cities along the canal :


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

I went here for the first time in April and found many people enjoying a Sunday afternoon perched on the edge of the water, enjoying picnics, and playing petanque. I am looking forward to your week of posts here!


Harriet said...

Another reason for another trip to Paris, as if I needed a reason. I am looking forward to this series of photos. This one is so alive with all of that splashing it.